Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer 2012 -So far

Katelin getting ready for her pageant.  This is her interview outfit.

Doesn't she look stunning!

Katelin did an amazing job at the Miss West Point Pageant, 2012.  Thank you to everyone who supported her and came to the pageant.

Contestant #4 from this picture was the winner (dark bluish dress, long blonde hair)

Kendyl was also a participant in the pageant.  She was a "Princess for a Day" and performed a cute little routine.  Aren't they darling!

Proud parents!

Cameron, Kendyl and Gregg at the Roy Pool

Kendyl, Katelin and Cameron having a snack at the pool.

Mom and Dad's backyard for Father's Day and Dad's birthday.

Gregg, Mark, Dad, Mom, Lauri and Jordan

Kendyl, Cameron and Gregg at the Syracuse Days Parade.

Broc and Katelin in the Syracuse Days Parade.  Broc's family is in this parade every year with his grandpa.  Broc's Grandpa restores his old tractors and the family drives them in the parade every year.  Broc and Katelin opted for the Razor instead.

Cameron looking for candy.

Kendyl is also waiting for candy.

Kendyl and Cameron on the creepy carni rides!

Can Cameron be more adorable?

Dayna and Cameron on the fun slide.

Mama's Little Boy

Kendyl, Gregg and Cameron on the ride in the scorching heat.  It was about 100 degrees that day.  Ugh!

Cameron is taking a "picture" with Gregg's phone at the Hooper Days Parade.

Gregg and Cameron waiting to see Alora and Kendyl on the Studio 48 trailer in the Hooper Days Parade.

Look at the two cutest little firecrackers the 4th of July has ever seen!

BFF's.....Alora and Kendyl

Alora and Kendyl are in the same dance class this summer and get to participate in some parades.  It was hot, but they had a blast.

Kylee, Katelin, Gregg and Dena are tubing the river in Lava Hot Springs for our 4th of July camping trip.  TUBERS!

Zach, Gregg, Wyatt, Cheyenne, Kailee and Katelin tubing the river.

This trip on the dirt is the closest Cam got to tubing the river.

Dayna and Kylee in Lava Hot Springs.

Mike put a beetle in his mouth.....Sick!  I still owe him a dollar for this daring task!

Dena let the girls "do" her hair.  After the hair was detangled from the conb, this is the victory pose!  Good job Jody!

Kylee, Dayna, Cam, Katelin, Bridger and Dena at the Lava pool.

Kailee, Wyatt, Gregg and Zack

Mike, Jim, Kendyl, Dena and Jody at their perch watching the tubers.

Laura, Dayna, Stacey, Dena, Stacy, Nikki, Jody and Heather

The results of a long weekend.....

Having a great summer and we are only half way through!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring 2012

Here are the latest Spring activities from the Hatch/Hayman family. 

The most recent event being Cameron's 2nd Birthday.  Hard to believe it was two years ago, May 9th, that my sweet baby boy was born.  What an absolute joy Cameron is!  He is boy as boy can be.  He loves sports and I mean LOVES sports!  His first word wasn't 'Mom' or 'Dad' or 'No'...etc....it was 'BALL'.  His next word was a variation of 'BALL'....'FOOTBALL'....."Bagaball" (basketball)...."GAGABALL"....(soccer ball)...then it was "GUG" (truck).....then its "GAGA GUG" (fire truck) and so on and so on.  He has eventually thrown in Mama and Daddy.  He certainly learned No....and he has picked up on a little attitude lately.  But, even that is cute.   He is a doll, he's a mama's boy, he's so precious and I just love him to pieces!...... Sure do love ya Cam!

Lauri, this is for you! Here are the pics from the April Birthday's Get-Together at Mom and Dad's. I think you forgot your camera and were looking for pics from this blessed event. Here ya go! There's some stellar shots of you in here! LOL!!

Kendyl also started her first season of soccer.  She is on a co-ed team of Pre-K children.  Some of the boys on her team seem to have played before.  They are quite aggressive.  Kendyl loves to play, but is still getting used to the 'team' sport concept.  She even connected with the ball a couple of times!  But, birds and grass and other kids and dandelions are very intense distractions from the game!  Oh, she even added some cheer, singing and dancing into her games.....while playing!  Kendyl...you are amazing!

Here are some pictures from Kylee's season of soccer as well. 

I took Katelin, Kylee and their friends to Park City for an overnight stay and a day of shopping for their birthdays.  We had a blast.  The girls hung out at the hot tub and pool.  We watched TV in the room and spent the next day shopping.  Happy 14th birthday to Kylee!  Happy 17th birthday to Katelin.  You are amazing daughters and I am so proud to be your Mom!

Gregg and I also made a quick trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Kacie's 21st birthday. We went with Jim, Dena and Tracy. We road tripped it and met Dena's kids in Vegas. They came later.....and oh, what a blast we all had.